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Opening: Thursday 11 augustus

18.00 hr - with a concert by J.C. Hood
18.20 hr - Dance performance Innocent Spears by Dagmar Chittka & Daniel Stettler
18.50 hr - Official Opening by Klaas de Jonge and Marjan Bevelander
19.30 hr - The painting Wir fahren nach Koln of Marja van Putten will be festively unveiled


Thursday and Friday: 12.00 to 21.30 hrs
Saturday and Sunday: 12.00 to 22.00 hrs

Performances Last Weekend 25 - 28 August

Saturday 27 August
Goldman is playing and performing in interaction with Wim Vonk's kinetic installation 'Working Bench'
Rudolf Könen is playing

Sonntag 28 August
Cris Revon is performing

Article in the 'Koelner Stadt Anzeiger' by Jürgen Kisters

Review Kölner Stadt Anzeiger -by Jürgen Kisters
/ in German / in Dutch (translated) /

Koelner Stadt Anzeiger


photos & film of the exhibition


For the exposition we made a little Booklet:

Wir fahren nach Köln.eu

in two sizes
18 x 18 cm €10
11 x 11 cm €5

For sale in Kunsthaus Rhenania during our show

For 12 euro to Cologne
From 23-07 t/m 27-08 you can buy a 2e class-ticket from € 12 to Cologne.. (because of railworks)




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Kunsthaus Rhenania

Bayenstr. 28
50678 Köln

Grotere kaart weergeven

Wim Vonk

For more than 2 years I am surrounded by African Art in my studio: The collection of Klaas de Jonge,  a friend and anthropologist is at my disposal, in other words:
the masks, sculptures and other artifacts I am allowed to use to create a very personal habitat witch  I call:


For the moment this is the best arty-word I can come up with to capture my multi media approach in creating Art.
The sound, the movement, yes even the smell are of the same value, the same importance as my Masterly Draughtsman ship.

I want to create a kinetic installation in the middle of the hall in Kunsthaust Rhenania, that almost reaches the ceiling, stroking it perhaps...
For this show I also made 27 innocent spears. They will be used in a dance performance.

text about my work
Static movement....moving downtime


Marja van Putten

In my paintings I often focus on personal and (inter)national identity. In 1993 I made a work based on the Milkmaid of Vermeer. Since then and stronger from 2004-2008 I made works of women wearing headscarfs referring to painting history.
Look at paintings of Vermeer, Rembrandt, Goya, Van Gogh or in fairy tales like little red riding hood or women used as symbol for traditional brands of sweets, cookies or wine.. often wear a headscarves. In most religions covering women's hair has to do with covering sexuality and the seduction of female sexual behavior (The Virgin Mary).

I like to play with those symbols and reconstruct identities. A lot of things come from different backgrounds than how we look at them: the Delft Blue patterns have their origin in China. The Dutch traditional handkerchiefs, bought by many tourist as original Dutch show patterns you can find in Indonesian Batik which sometime have their origin in India and China and were transferred to Africa.. Though you can not deny differences, identity is constructed during long histories.

Maria Sluierhof

Maria Sluierhof, my alter ego, is born in Pella (Iowa) in Marion County USA in 1974. Her great great grandfather, an economic and religious migrant from Zealand in 1847, is one of the founders of this historical village. She completed her BA in the Arts at Central College of Pella (1997-2001) from where she participated in a student exchange program to Leiden (NL) in 2002. On her return to Pella she successfully applied to undertake post graduate study at the Reiksacademy in Amsterdam.

Her childhood is part of the lineage of oral histories and narrative that seek to understand the legacy of mid nineteenth century religious dissent. The annual Tulip Time Festival and Vermeer flour mill in Pella being indicative of a connecting history with Holland.

Sluierhof makes visual work to explore paradox and accepts that collisions between emerging technologies in late modernity and current states of anxiety are complex. Sluierhof’s connection with the international community of the Reiksacademy challenged her to work with these dilemmas. In her latest works she focuses on sex and erotica as a subject matter.

In this show Maria will show her new works for the first time in public space.