• Klaas de Jonge
  • Marjan Bevelander

Klaas de Jonge (born 1937) studied anthropology and sociology in Amsterdam and Paris and worked as a social researcher in various African countries; the last 10 years especially in Central Africa in the field of conflict studies. In the 1980s he was actively involved in the anti-apartheid struggle in Southern Africa. Since his first contacts with Africa (mid 1960s) he has been fascinated by African art; recently he donated a part of his private collection to the State Ethnographical Museum in Warsaw.

The last years the collection of Klaas de Jonge has been stalled in the studio in Weesp. It became a contribution to Wim Vonk's installations. They did several shows together, zaal 100, Ruigoord, Zaandam Verzamelmuseum. Klaas de Jonge also worked with other artist and did a theater play with Monic Hendrickx.


kwasiafrikani - demaskerman - Ruigoord 2010

Marjan Bevelander is a specialist in the field of G.I.S