Marja van Putten

Born in Rotterdam 1956
lives in Amsterdam and works in Weesp (NH)


Webdesigner autodidact
Gerrit Rietveld Academie Amsterdam 1985-1990
Gymnasium A Rotterdam 1976

Experience and Art Projects

Working as an artist since 1990 making paintings and digital prints
Pioneer and Organization artist initiative Digt_paint 2001-2008
Assistant Armando Bronze Sculptures 1997-2008
Owner of Arttrust webdesign 2002-now
Pioneer Polaroid artist network with Sabina Woerner
Teaching painting and drawing non-professional and professional groups 1996-2006
Assistant Qualitative Marketing Research 1994-2003
Organizing and participating in lots of exhibitions since 1990


In my paintings and prints I am searching for an unconscious image. I use the properties of paint and computer and all kinds of material to reveal this hidden meaning. I like to find the boundaries of the material and to mix materials that can’t be mixed... the contradiction of contemporary painting. I use paint like a sculptor: I am moulding the material to get form out of the substance.

Out of that process unexpected things pop-up in many ways. In this way I try to attack my prejudiced thoughts about the way I set up a composition and also about a meaning, a content. The associations build up the content of a certain painting and tell me where it is about... In this process a real conversation can start between the painting and me... that’s what I am really interested in.

That is what I trust as a source for true images.